The artist and innovators of HASAMI PORCELAIN and Nippon Kodo came together to create a traditional yet modern line of aromatic incense to complement their lifestyle brand of products.Burning incense for relaxation and/or meditation decreases stress, and is believed that different types of incense such as Sandalwood and Aloeswood have the power to cleanse negative energy and ease tension. Each glass vile comes corked and contains 24 sticks of incense.

Nippon Kodo – Established in 1575

Inspired by the love of nature and hand-crafted wood products, the artist of HASAMI PORCELAIN and Hata Shikki have developed a wooden cylinder storage container with lid and cup that neatly nests with HASAMI PORCELAIN products.

HATA – Established in 1930
Using traditional hand-casting techniques passed down by craftsmen for four hundred years, HASAMI PORCELAIN and Nousaku have collaborated to create a simple yet practical solid brass utility or incense container that nests with HASAMI PORCELAIN products.

Nousaku – Established in 1916