In 1930, Hata Unomatsu, the first generation, became an independent as a hand lacquerer craftsman.
Later, together with the second generation, he established Hata Lacquerware Shop which deals with many kinds of lacquerware.
Yamanaka lacquerware, which has been handed down from generation to generation in the city Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture where it has been cultivated for 450 years.

Yamanaka lacquerware is manufactured based on the technique of woodworking grinding on the potter's wheel.
At Hata Lacquerware, they still use this technique to produce "col." and "Unomatsudo" to this day.
Hata Lacquerware Store's daily goal is to create "tools for daily life".
High quality materials with a beautiful and functional design yet ease of use and durability.
Company Name
HATA Co., Ltd.
Made in
Ishikawa, Japan
395 Yo, Uwabaramachi, Kamanakaonsen,
Kaga-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 922-0103 Japan
Year of Establishment