Kakunodate DENSHIRO was founded in 1851. The town of Kakunodate, in Akita prefecture is known for Kabazaiku (wild cherry bark craftwok), KABA specifically means the bark of wild cherry tree, which makes the work completely unique.

Denshiro uses a specific technique during their crafting process called Katamono. "Katamono" is the technique used to turn bark into cylinders for use as tea caddies. Craftsmen start by gluing together layers of cherry bark and wood and then they wrap it around a cylindrical wooden mold and iron it with a trowel at a very high heat. All parts of a tea caddy are made from one cylinder, thus giving high airtightness and moisture protection.

Achievements and Awards
Good Design Award
Company Name
Kakunodate DENSHIRO
Made in
Akita, Japan
Shimoshinmachi 45, Kakunodatemachi
Senboku-shi, Akita 014-0315, JAPAN
Year of Establishment