MUJUN was established as a collaboration between Mujun, a team of designers based in Hyogo and Motoshige; well known factory for manufacturing Japanese mortar and pestle.

MUJUN is a team of young designers who are passionate about bringing Japanese craftmanship to contemporary audiences around the world. They believe that Japanese traditional handcrafts are still relevant in our daily life, and that inspires them to create new things. Working closely with skillful craftsmen in Japan to understand the core values and key elements of their work, they redesign the crafts to cater to the modern living. MUJUN hopes to keep tradition alive by creating new innovations.

Motoshige craftsmen have put their heart and soul into every part of their craft-making. It is not just about the craft itself, but also about materials and tools that are used in the process. In many Japanese workshops, "the god of crafts-making" has been worshiped for generations. Motoshige craftsman lives are devoted to mastering their art and being able to share it with the world what makes them happy.

MUJUN is a SAIKAI exclusive.
Company Name
Directed by Mujun, Manufactured by Motoshige
Brand Name
Made in
Shimane, Japan
Mujun :
527 Nishihonmachi
Ono-shi, Hyogo 675-1375

Motoshige :
1762 Kakushicho
Gotsu, Shimane 695-0016
Year of Establishment
1925 ( Motoshige )
Brand Introduced